Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for AnchoredAtHome.com

These are the terms and conditions for AnchoredAtHome.com.  You as the reader and site viewer and visitor are responsible to know these terms and conditions.  If you visit this site, partake (share, post, pin, message, tag, etc.) in any social media posts, and/or give this site any information, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  These are for my protection, my blog’s protection, my intellectual property’s protection, my images’ protection, and for your protection.


All the content on my blog at AnchoredAtHome.com and any associated social media post by me is my intellectual property and I claiming protection under copyright laws.  All words, pictures, photographs, and videos are owned by me and my intellectual and photographic property, unless stated otherwise.  Copyright © 2016. AnchoredAtHome.com.

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Images and Photographs

You have to ask my permission to use images and photographs from my website as I take them and edit them myself.  I reserve the right to refuse your use of my photographs.  I also reserve the right to charge you monetarily for use of my photographs if I choose to do so upon you asking my permission to use.

Images that I post on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) are allowed to be reposted or pinned.  However, you may not take them and use them for your own purposes outside of this blog or the social media platform I posted them on.  I post them for the purposes of advertising my blog and sharing information visually.

Limitation of Liability

This is my personal blog where I share information that I have accumulated over my lifetime and through my personal experiences.  I am not liable for any errors or omissions on this site, in what I write or in what visitors write.

I am also not liable for anything that I write if it comes across as offensive to you.  Do not visit or read my site/blog if things that I write are offensive to you.

I am not liable for what others post on my blog, such as offensive or inappropriate content or erroneous information.  I am not liable for how readers use the information provided on this site, in posting on other websites or in practice.

Readers and visitors, I am not acting in a professional capacity and I am not responsible for any of your results from following tips or suggestions in my blog.  I don’t promise similar results to anything that I review or give tips on.


I reserve the right to block certain people or terminate their account/newletter subscription for any abuses of this policy.

I also reserve the right to delete inappropriate or offensive comments, based on my own opinion.

Privacy Policy

Click here for the privacy policy for AnchoredAtHome.com.

Governing Law

I am operating this blog out of Texas in the United States of America.  The Texas laws apply to this blog.

Links to Other Websites

I may have links to other websites in order to give them credit for things I use (making sure to follow their Terms and Conditions) or to say how great another blog or website is!  Although I may provide (on AnchoredAtHome.com) a link to a website off AnchoredAtHome.com, I am not responsible for anything on the websites outside of AnchoredAtHome.com.  Readers should read the terms and conditions of the website they visit by clicking on a link I have provided.

People I Mention or People I Take Pictures Of

For all the people I mention in my blog posts or social media, I have asked to use either their name or another name in my writing and they have agreed.  I have also asked people for their permission before I take or post a picture of them.

For recommendations of other blogs or bloggers mentioned in my blog, I will follow whatever they have in their terms and conditions of their blogs.

Affiliates and Partners

Coming soon when I have affiliates and partners.  These terms and conditions will be updated.


If you would like to advertise in some way on my blog, please contact me using the form below and provide your name, email address, and request with information of advertising.

Reviews of Products

Any reviews of products that I post on this blog are my own personal opinion and are not to be taken for legal advice.  I will mention if I am getting compensated for writing the review.  Compensated or not, the reviews I provide are my honest opinion, not swayed by compensation or personal investment.  I expect your comments and requests to also be honest and follow the rest of my terms and conditions.

HostGator.com and WordPress

The domain hosting company that I use for AnchoredAtHome.com is HostGator.  I use WordPress for the templates and for posting comments.  I use the Sugar and Spice theme provided from the free online WordPress templates on WordPress’ website.

Updates to this Policy

I reserve the right to update this policy at any time without notice to past or future readers. It is your responsibility to read this policy.  I may attempt to remember to publicly post about any changes to this policy, but I can definitely change this policy without notice.

Questions or Comments?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this policy or see anything on my site that is not following this policy.  Please contact me with the form below.  You will have to provide your name and email address, collected and used for me to reply and for the reasons mentioned above and in my privacy policy.

Published 7/3/16.  Updated 8/6/16.

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