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Our Wedding Day – First Dance

Abe and I have been married for just under a year.  It has been the best of times, it has been the worst of times.  (Have I heard that somewhere before?)

Marriage was always something that I wanted to partake in, what I hoped for.  Loving, serving someone, raising a family, organizing a home, living every moment with your best friend.

May I say that it is a little different and a little harder than I imagined?  But may I also say that it is even better and exponentially more than what I used to think it would be?

God designed marriage to show His glory.  Ephesians 5 says marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and the church, and that this is a profound mystery.  Lets together delve into the subject of marriage (and share fun times and tips along the way) and learn more about Christ.  (Stay tuned!)
Were you prepared for marriage?  What are your thoughts?

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