About Me

Headshot1Hello!  My name is Kait.  I am a wife, mother of one boy, organizer, planner, detailed perfectionist (where it matters), educator, computer technician, homemaker, adventurer, Christian, and Bible reader.  With all of those different hats I wear, I wanted to share tips and biblical advice I’ve learned with women who are in similar stages of life and with anyone who will take time to read.  None of us are perfect and all of us need Jesus, so may my words be honest, encouraging, and gospel-centered.

I am a new stay at home mom so I am excited for what this blog could turn into (maybe an avenue for connecting with Christian women around the world and maybe an income generator) with more time at home and learning about life with a child.  I will keep you updated on how the time management thing goes.

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About AnchoredAtHome.com

SquareLogo1AnchoredAtHome.com is a Christian lifestyle blog dedicated to providing family, home, and life advice from a Biblical perspective.  I am anchored in Christ because of Christ and through Christ.  This truth is the foundation of everything in my life, at least God is sanctifying me daily for this to be so.  Therefore, in my dealings at home, I am anchored to a sure and true foundation.  I hope to share how being anchored (in Christ) at home may look and turn your gaze to Christ more and more each day.


About Anchored At Home, LLC

Anchored At Home, LLC started in 2016 and runs this blog.  We are currently working on a start-up virtual assistant business, coming soon.


If you need to contact me or Anchored At Home, LLC, for advertising questions or requests, blog questions, or chatting about staying anchored at home, please contact me on the form on my contact page.