Mother to Mother: Encouragement For New Moms

Motherhood is hard.

Let’s just get that settled.

I’m only 3 months in, and I’ve already experienced some woes of motherhood. New moms need your encouragement!

Physically, having a baby changes your body and strength. Emotionally, you now have someone that depends on you for everything. You don’t have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want.

This gets exhausting and discouraging.

Having a community of other moms to talk to and family to help can turn a bad day into a learning experience. It’s those moments of humble surrender of our striving to do it all that remind us that we are human and need help. Thankfully, Jesus has accomplished everything that was needed in order to be our help.

In my search for encouragement from moms who have been mothering for longer than I have, I was blessed by these moms’ words of wisdom.

May you be encouraged too.

Thank you all for responding and sharing!

“Dear New Moms, You have just signed up for the hardest but most rewarding job in the world! Believe me! I’ve been a mom for 24 years & a brand new grandma for 4 months. As I watch my daughter take care of her new baby boy, I have spent many moments remembering taking care of my two children & household. You will feel like you are doing a juggling act in a circus because of taking care of baby, laundry, cooking, cleaning, & shopping for starters. My one word of advice or encouragement is PRAY. Ask The Lord for help each & every day. If you don’t, you will feel like a ball juggler walking a tight rope! The Lord is the one who will give you wisdom. He is the one who will help you remember all of the important things that need to be done. He is the one who will remind you of the importance of your job. He is the one who will carry you from taking care of your newborn to watching them grow into adults who will sign up for parenthood themselves. God’s word says in 1 Thessalonians 5:16, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Moms, you can’t do it alone. You have to depend & lean on The Lord. There will be those days when dishes will be piled high, the dust bunnies are running freely & you haven’t had a shower yet! God will carry you through as you take the time to hold your baby, pray & enjoy each moment you have with your God given gift—your child!”
– My Mom, Dawn

“16 months into motherhood here! 🖐🏻 … on rough days all I can do is focus on my love for my son. That encourages me. It feels like a thankless job but I need to remind myself that I’m building into something big here… a human being’s foundation in life! It makes me want to do the best job I possibly can. He doesn’t get a do-over for baby-hood. I need to know that I’ve moved mountains to give him an amazing start. I deal with the tough days by prioritizing intentional me-time. Not just crashing on the couch and mindlessly flicking on the tv the moment he goes down for a nap, but making a cup of tea, considering what will help me glow again, and doing it with intention. I value time SO much now! It took me a while to realize just how important me-time is. I wish someone had looked me in the eye, grabbed me by the shoulders, shaken me and said “seriously make sure you get your me-time!” It’s essential for my mental health!!”
– Klara from

“Enjoy your children. Accept them as the people they are and enjoy the moments you have with them. Some days will be incredibly difficult and you will not be able to wait til your kids are asleep or away so you can sit down. But take heart, each day they wake up older, and bigger and some day they will be adults. The only moment we are guaranteed is right now, so love your kids. Look at them the same way you did when they were first placed in your arms. See in them all the blessings God has given you through their lives. Be joyful in the little triumphs and let the upsets roll off your back. Your kids love you and all they need from you is your love in return.”
– Kelsie

“1. I always feel encouraged when I get outside when I’m having a difficult day. The fresh air and new scenery always does me a world of good. If I don’t feel like going outside because I have inside tasks, I’ll at least try to send the kids out. I have a 1 and 3 year old.
2. Hearing from other mothers in the same situation or even talking to an older mother who has wisdom and stories to share of when her kids were younger always gives me momentum to keep on keeping on.
3. I don’t deal with stress very well and have lots of regrets of losing my cool. I wish I could silently count to 10 before reacting or say a prayer for wisdom and grace. I also wish I could get in the habit more of getting down on the child’s level and listening or hugging or just putting my arm around their shoulders to let them know I hear them and care about them. It will keep me from doing something I regret and remind me that I do love and care for these children and want whats best from them.
4. I wish someone would have told me to lower my expectations and don’t let other mothers intimidate me as I learn how to be mother. I compared myself so much to my peers and it was hard because I didn’t feel motherly or have a clue what I was doing. I felt like other mothers did and I was such a lousy mom. I don’t want to tease other mothers because I know how it really does hurt. And secondly, I hope to listen to the next baby better. Let him tell me what he needs and wants. Each baby is different.”
– Jolynn from

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