How To Survive as a WAHM with an Infant

Learning how to coordinate household duties is a challenge of working at home.  This is especially true when you have a new child to look after!  Here are survival tips to help you work at home with an infant.

Most of my comments in this post are geared toward moms who have a business to run from home, but even if you don’t have a business, running the home is a business in itself! Planning, prepping, and cooking meals, cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, planning homeschool lessons, organizing, reading up on homemaking, etc. are your tasks!

So adapt these tips to your own circumstance.

I’ve been learning how to show myself grace, serve my child unselfishly, and lean on the Lord for the truth of my identity and for strength.  May you too.

How to SURVIVE as a WAHM with an INFANT | By Kait @

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Decide what or who to put first. Work or your child.

Hopefully this one is obvious, though not always easy.

Take naps when he/she naps if you need rest.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to get things done.

Use a portable bed or seat or blanket to put your child close to you while working.

I use this Graco Pack N Play if I’m working at our table or my desk.  If I’m wanting a change of scenery, I put my laptop on the couch while I sit on the floor and spread a blanket out on the floor for Baby P.  This setting also allows me to keep a close eye on him if I put him on the couch to take a nap.

How To Survive as a WAHM with an Infant | By Kait @

How To Survive as a WAHM with an Infant | By Kait @

Keep your baby close to you but be hands-free with a carrier.

A soft-wrap like the CuddleBug or Moby Wrap works wonderfully for infants, and is cozy. A carrier like the Ergobaby carrier is good for slightly older children.

I received a wrap and a carrier as gifts and they have certainly helped.  (Side note, currently Baby P is liking to cook with me in the kitchen while sitting facing out in our CuddleBug wrap!)

Be engaged with your child while he is awake and work while he is asleep or busy entertaining him/herself.

Present over pursuit.  My friend Jolynn came up with this encouragement in her new years resolution thinking. Jump over to her blog, Then We Danced, to read more!  Be present and be engaged with the people you are around, i.e. your baby, rather than always looking to the next thing that you need to do.

Try your best to keep your baby on a regular schedule.

Even if the schedule is true with a one to two hour period of deviation, you will be able to plan your day out somewhat more efficiently.  You will know about how long you will have before your child wakes up and around what time of day you can contact customers or respond to email.

Give yourself grace when the daily schedule doesn’t happen or you don’t complete all those tasks you wanted to check off.

Alongside trying to keep your baby on a regular schedule comes the temptation to get frustrated when things do not pan out as planned.  Take a deep breath, pray for God’s grace for your peace of mind, be thankful for your life and the ability to work at home while taking care of your children, and remember your worth is not in how well you check off your to-do list.  Yes, accomplishing those timely tasks are important, but if your child needs extra attention one day, give it to him, momma!  Or if the business matters are super pressing, call a friend or a young lady in your church or community to watch your child while you get the timely matter taken care of.

  1. Every job has those bad days. Working at home comes with its own challenges. Cut yourself some slack and give grace. Show mercy to your child when he/she ruins what you are doing.
  2. Your worth as a woman is not based on how productive you are, you are worthy because Jesus is worthy if He is in you.
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