January 2017 Recommended Books

Do you ever have time to read? Is the struggle finding good books to read?

Over the last two or three years, I have probably only read a total of 4 books for pleasure.  The last few months have been different as my husband has shared his love for reading with me.  I never read more than one book at a time, but life lately has thrown several books at me that are different enough that I can read them concurrently.

2017 is going to be my year of reading.  I’ve already joined a book club – one book a month.

January 2017 Book Recommendations | AnchoredAtHome.com

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I used to read a series that never ended (it seemed like) by Robin Jones Gunn. Correction, multiple series by her about different girls/women she wrote about. Good, clean, Christian centered fiction. [i.e. Christy Miller Series, Sierra Jensen Series, Christy & Todd, The Married Years Series, The Glenbrooke Series]  I read these over the course of many years from middle school into college.

Now, the struggle to find good, theologically sound, entertaining books is real.  There is a lot of garbage out there in Christian book stores!  Women, watch out!

Books I recommend with short descriptions:

If you would like to discuss any of these books, please contact me!

I’m always looking for more recommendations.  What are yours?

To good reading,

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