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Hello to a new year! This year will be the most different year for me yet. 2016 was a time of change and transitions. My first job to stay at for over a year, my first pregnancy, a church change, my first son being born, living in and finishing (for the meantime) home renovation – check out the home renovation blog post episodes on my blog, episode 1 and episode 2, episode 3 coming soon – and living with my husband for our first calendar year. There is a lot to look back on and be thankful for.

But 2017 will be different and new – and probably harder – for me. I am starting a new business, continuing this blog, and more importantly, learning how to be a mom to my now 10 week old son. I can already see the Lord working in my life through giving me grace to break down my pride and learning to live selflessly with my son during the days at home. My usually type A personality – never-ending to-do lists and busy busy busy, going all day long – had been stilled during my recovery from the cesarean section; now my energy and physical ability to move around like normal has resumed to its full capacity. There is an ever-present desire to go, go, go, and a wish to correctly balance house and business work with family care. I’m grateful to have an ever-present God who is gracious to help me through each day with His strength, power, and mercy to trust in Jesus for my salvation and identity instead of my own work and day-to-day accomplishments.

SO #Hello2017, hello to learning and living in obedience and love with the knowledge He grew in me in 2016, hello to beginning Anchored At Home, LLC, hello to being a mommy and seeing my son grow, and hello to more life, as God sees fit.

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