Home Renovation Episode 2: Sanity in Perceived Chaos

Home Renovation Episode 2: Sanity In Perceived Chaos | By Kait @ AnchoredAtHome.com

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If you’re in the midst of renovation, I understand.  It takes a lot of time, money, and planning.  It also takes a lot of deep breaths during those times when the mess, dust, and stress get to you.

I get to brag on my husband a little bit because he has worked so hard even on weekdays after work to make our home lovely.  He has a laborious day job and then comes home and works on the house.  It has been fun to see him learn how to do different things like install recess lighting, sheet rock entire rooms, build bookcases, extend the roof, and sand wood floors.  God has given him endurance and patience with it all.

Since he bought the house just before we started dating, the whole time we have known each other he has been a handy man working on his house!  While we were dating, he didn’t really have much to renovate, just the occasional problem that occurred like clogged pipes and falling trees.  But in the few weeks before I moved in after the wedding, he started big projects.

Since then he has done the following, with the help of family:

  • Installed lighting in half of the rooms in the house.
  • Leveled a piece of the concrete slab of the house.
  • Irrigated soil in the front and back yards so the water runs off better.
  • Took out a full brick chimney.
  • Months of trips to the dump with the bricks from the old chimney.
  • Patched the ceiling where the chimney used to be.
  • Took out all the original carpet.
  • Sanded the house’s original wood floors and applied a polyurethane finish.
  • Built our bed.
  • Built a bookshelf around where the fireplace used to be.
  • Raised 360 square feet of floor about 3 inches.
  • Tore down a shed and built a large shed in its place.
  • Had a large pecan tree cut down.
  • Full bathroom remodel.
  • Framed up a new roof for the back of the house and replaced shingles with metal.
  • Framed up two porch coverings, one in the front and one in the back.
  • Painted all the rooms in the house, except the kitchen (future projects).
  • Installed insulation in the back of the house.
  • Installed bead board on the ceiling in the back of the house.
  • Patched sheet rock in almost all rooms.
  • Treated for fleas. 😮
  • We had carpet installed in two rooms.
  • Installed baseboards and trim.
  • Applied a polyurethane finish to the concrete floors.
  • Created a laundry room from the back of the garage.
  • Built shelves for my laundry room.

And probably more that I am forgetting.  Can you believe there are still things on our to-do list?!

Living in a house under construction has been an adventure!

I definitely had those moments of seeing the mess and not the goal, seeing the dust and not the completed projects, and being stressed and not being thankful.

These reminders may help you remain sane amidst the perceived chaos.


  • Everything you have, God has given to you.  Be thankful and take care of things diligently.
  • The untidiness is just for a season.  It won’t last forever.
  • Every project will take longer than expected.  So be flexible.
  • Every little accomplishment is a step towards completion, no matter how small.  Celebrate and count your blessings.
  • A home takes a long time to create.
  • There is such a thing as take out food.  When dinner just won’t get itself on the table after attacking that to-do list, get in the car, order some food, eat, and enjoy time with your husband and children.
  • Who you’re living with is more important than what you are living in.  Remember to spend time with your family.

What has helped you amidst remodeling?

Wishing you all the best,

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