Emergency C-Section Hospital Tips

I had an emergency c-section so I was not totally prepared for the hospital stay and the recovery.  (Read my story.)  These are some things I noted during my stay.

Emergency C-Section Hospital Tips | By Kait @ AnchoredAtHome.com

Emergency C-Section Hospital Tips

1) Take the stool softener medicine if they give you the choice.  Even if they do, or don’t, have someone go get you some and take it at least twice a day.  You will be glad within the next week as your bowel movements become normal again.

2) Make sure you have hi-rise underwear to wear after the hospital (I just wore the mesh panties the hospital provided and I had two to take home, but the mesh material didn’t take a wash very well).  Have someone go get some for you and make sure they’re a big enough size.  I went up 3 sizes of my pre-pregnancy underwear size so they were not tight.  Tight clothes, even if not on the incision hurt me.

3) If it hurts to get in and out of the bed, get as many pillows as you can and have your husband make you a comfy spot in a soft chair or recliner in the room.  I didn’t have a recliner so I used a plastic chair in the room for a foot rest.  But it was so much better than turning my torso to get out of the bed.  My tailbone ended up hurting from the angle I had sat in in the bed and I needed another place to sleep.  I even slept in a recliner at home for almost two weeks.  I did not sleep in a bed until around two weeks postpartum.

4) Take the help you have and don’t over do it, even if you feel fine.  There were some days I felt great so I did more around the house (one day I went to Target…bad idea) feeling fine, but then the evenings were miserable.  Let others do cleaning and errands until you are sure you are well.  It’s totally fine if it is two or three months later.

5) The hospital will give you prescriptions of the pain meds they give you in the hospital.  I had hydrocodone and a high mg ibuprofen.  In the hospital, they had me taking both of those everyday.  But to make the medicine last longer at home, I took the hydrocodone until the bottle was gone and then switched to the ibuprofen.  My prescription medicine lasted over two weeks.  It depends on how much they give you.

6) You just had a major surgery so rest and don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t able to do much.  Lean on Jesus’ strength and let others bless you in this time.

Recovery will seem slow, but know that the discomfort and sluggishness do not last forever!


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