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Here ye, here ye.  A new stay-at-home mom has been inducted into the sisterhood of all things motherhood.  Baby P was born at the end of October! (Read about the day we became a family of three!)

The first weeks of his life have been some of the quickest, most exhausting, and most love-filled weeks of my life.  I can already tell he is growing!  Time – slow down please!  Gratitude overflows and my exhausted little heart clings to every moment of watching Baby P sleep and stretch and yawn.  Momma is in love!

The day Baby P was born was the day I stopped working full time and became a stay-at-home mom.  I never knew how big of a change that was going to be!  (Read my 4 Rules for Telling Your Employer You Are Going to be a SAHM.)

6 Mommy Lessons After Birth | By Kait @ AnchoredAtHome.com

6 Mommy Lessons After Birth

Body excrement is no longer a thing to fuss about.  Just be expected to be contaminated with at least one of the following at all times: spit up breast milk or formula, boogers, drooled saliva, poop during diaper changes and the occasional blowout, and pee when diapers get too full and leak.

Don’t feel like a failure by asking for meals or any sort of help (cleaning, holding baby, getting groceries, etc.), and go easy on yourself when you cannot write thank you notes to every single person.  These two lessons go together.  I can never pay back family and friends for the help they’ve given to us through meals and gifts and encouragement.  I still have a handful of people to write thank you notes to, and honestly, I haven’t written down the last few gifts.  I also hate to admit that email has been used instead of mailed cards for the sake of time.  My pride has taken it’s rightful backseat.

Come to terms with the fact that you are probably not going to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time ever again.  (Let’s hope we do in a few months, but just don’t even think about that possibility right now.)  The advice, “Sleep when the baby sleeps” is easier said than done.  The time when the baby is sleeping, I would like to clean, cook, write, read, and do productive things.  I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that napping is necessary for my health and his health.

Maternity clothes are totally acceptable to wear after having the baby.  Your old smaller clothes will not fit like they used to.  Multiple outfits have been tried on because I assumed that an outfit would just promptly fit again.  I also have to find clothing that fits comfortably with my c-section incision…sweat pants and pajama pants are my go-tos.

Your life will now revolve around your baby.  You will plan errands around baby’s feeding times and during sleeping times so he/she will sleep in the carrier while you shop.  You will not have the same freedom to go places on a whim with your husband on Sunday afternoons.  You have to plan your nights ahead of time to get a babysitter.  Much of your time will be spent breastfeeding and calming your baby.  You will get to have multiple hours to watch baby sleep on you or in a crib next to you, thanking God for his amazing creativity and for giving you a little human to look after during both of your times on earth.

It’s been a couple of months since I became a mother and I am still trying to get used to stay-at-home-mom life and balance household work, caring for baby P, and keeping up with writing for this blog.  Time is flying by but I am enjoying the days at home.  There are moments when I miss my duties and coworkers at work, but I am glad to embark on this new adventure in my dwelling with my sweet boy.

May you enjoy these moments of learning and humility as a new mom too.


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