First Month Blog Report – July 2016

Well it has been a month since my first blog post was published.  I will take this post to look back at what I’ve accomplished in the past month to better determine what I should focus on in the future.  If you are just starting a blog, may this blog report be encouragement, either by seeing what a blog a month in can look like or by seeing how much better your traffic and income are than mine!  I hope to look back on this post in a year and see how much has grown.

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Beginning Blogging Goals and Rules

These are the three mail goals I wrote down before I even posted anything on my blog.

  1. Make money.
  2. Share a Christ-centered view on homemaking and life.
  3. Inform readers on homemaking skills, real life, and living in faith.

I also included three rules for me and my blog:

  1. Put family (husband, baby, family, friends) before blog.
  2. Share Christ unashamedly and truthfully.
  3. Write posts with goals in mind.

Although tough sometimes when I have a post scheduled for the next day and no time to work on it the night before, I have tried my best to put family before  Posts can always be pushed back a day or two or three.

I have not made actual money yet, but I did get a product for free and the review is coming soon.

I hope that I have shared a Christ-centered view on homemaking and life and that readers have been informed!


8 posts


257 Twitter followers

5 Facebook friends

13 Instagram followers

11 Pinterest followers

264 All Time Page Views for the Month of July

For my first month of blogging with a full time job, I am pretty thankful for these numbers.  Twitter has definitely been the social media platform I’ve been focusing most on as I found CrowdFire and StatusBrew as tools to connect with more people.  I try to limit the amount of followers I get through those apps to let growth be more organic, but I love connecting with Twitter users who follow people I follow.

I wish the page views were a little higher, but considering this is my first month of blogging, I’m just happy to have a few people reading my posts!  I love the response I’m getting through comments or retweets on Twitter, even if only from a few people.  Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my blog and commented to let me know what you learned or how the posts impacted you!


Professional Development

There is so much to learn in the blogging world.  I read other bloggers blogging tips almost daily through Pinterest.  I have a secret Pinterest board called “Read Later” that is piling up!  I’ve read up on the legal side of blogging at Jade&Oak (thank you Jackie!) and have read all the articles on my Pinterest board, Starting a Blog.  Check it out to see what bloggers I’ve read and see if you are on there!  Follow me on Pinterest while you’re there! (:


Speaking of Pinterest, I signed up for one free webinar this month with Brilliant Business Moms and Just a Girl and Her Blog on How to Create Irresistible Pins.  I hope to have some time to implement what I learned this next month!  Pinterest, here I come!

I also joined Mom Resource, a community of moms who are online entrepreneurs.  I have received very helpful tips from Saira @ Mom Resource and the other members and am truly grateful!

Blog Cosmetic Edits

One of the worst days with my blog (along with getting an email saying that my GMail account was suspended – I had too many GMail accounts associated with my phone number.  Oops.) was when I clicked on a link to another lady’s blog and it looked exactly like mine because she used the same theme.  From that incident, I decided to create a header image and edit the code of my theme to show that at the top instead of just the words that the theme had originally.  Branding is something I will work on over the next few months and I do NOT want my blog to look like someone else’s blog.

Throughout my time reading blogging tips from other bloggers, I’ve done minor cosmetic changes, like put social media icons on the top of my sidebar and made sure each post is SEO and Pinterest friendly by editing the titles and alt text of images.  I have a to-do list on Trello that I hack through when I can.

I’ve set up Shareaholic for the sharing buttons before and after posts and set up subscription fields to get new posts sent to subscribers emails.

Google Analytics

Maybe this will be encouraging! | First Month of Blogging Report - July 2016 |

Some days brought no traffic and some days brought a lot!  It seems like the days I post new posts, the traffic increases, probably because I post a lot on social media.  I will look into how I can retain visitors between posts.

Twitter has been the network that has brought the most page views.  That is the one I’ve invested the most time in.

About 18% of visitors visit my site using an iPhone.  I have an Android so I need to make sure is mobile friendly on both platforms.

Costs and Income

-$177.47 purchase Host Gator Domain (3 yrs)

-$40 purchase PO box for Mailchimp setup

$0 income

+$39.98 in product compensation from 2 x $19.99 products from Illumibowl

-$177.49 net balance

I would just like to break even within the first 4 months. 3 more to go!

How are you doing, Kait?

Why, thank you for asking!

I love blogging.  I love web designing.  I love connecting on social media.  This has been a great experience for me and I’m excited to see grow.

That said, I am struggling a little with my full time job and being pregnant.  I will stop working my full time job come the first week of November.  I am counting down the weeks.  12 more to go.  I will be 38 weeks pregnant by then so either I will get to leave a few days early, if he (yes, he! Read my reveal here!) arrives earlier than 38 weeks, which is totally possible, or I will work until 38 weeks and have some time at home before he arrives.  Until then, getting up every morning and going to work is a minor battle and I’m thankful to make it through each day.  Jesus has been teaching me that He is all I need, not less stress or no job or a better feeling body.

I am looking forward to spending more time on my blog and working to get some income from it once I quit my full time day job.  I want to work with affiliates, create some original downloadable products, and look into being a virtual assistant for another blogger!

And of course I cannot WAIT to meet my little boy!  We have almost nothing ready for him except a few clothes, a nursing pillow, and loving hearts, but I can’t contain my excitement.  My hormones are weird right now, so I get surges of emotion almost to the point of crying sometimes and also a short surge of anxiety (or excitement, I can’t really tell) every now and then when I see my belly in the mirror and remember there’s a human inside of me, growing and going to come out soon.

Back to the Blog: Posting Schedule

One thing I’ve just begun to do is decrease and set my post schedule to Sundays and Thursdays.  At first, I was writing posts when I had time and posting the day after a post was complete.  I did plan posts ahead of time, like the day that each post will be published and the topic, but I was scheduling too many posts a week; I was trying to do 3 a week.  That gave no mercy for busy weeknight weeks and made me stress a little when I had to move a post back a day or two.

So I recently, like 5 days ago, figured out that Sundays and Thursdays are good days for me to publish posts because I usually have time on Saturdays to draft work for Sunday and time during the beginning of the week to draft for Thursday.  This is working out okay so far.  As always, I can push a post back if needed.

One of my goals below is to draft a week or two of posts in advance so I’m not working crazily the night before I want something to be published.

Goals for August – Month 2

  1. Develop my blog brand by creating consistent images and creatively designed logos using Canva for work 30 day trial.  Hit up Fiverr or some professional help if needed.
  2. Draft posts a week or two in advance, according to my blog editorial calendar, to avoid writing and doing images the night before and to lessen stress.
  3. Keep my post schedule on Sundays and Thursdays as consistently as possible without putting the blog in front of more important things.
  4. Bulk create images one or two nights a week.
  5. Join group boards on Pinterest to see if gets more traffic from there.
  6. Create better content for readers, still about living in faith.
  7. Be more present on social media by posting more personal things rather than just sharing my posts all the time.
  8. Try BoardBooster and Tailwind 100 pin trial (200 pins total) and select which resource to invest in, and decide if it is necessary.
  9. Improve photography skills by learning how to properly use my camera (which is actually my dad’s camera that he let me borrow).

Goals for the Future:

  1. Improve my photography skills by taking a photography course, either online or in person.
  2. Setup a weekly or bimonthly newsletter going with a freebie or two to increase subscribers and connect with more readers on a more personal level.
  3. Create a group for women to encourage each other in their walk of faith while being a stay at home mom, including a private Facebook group and a group Pinterest board for those who blog or pin a lot to Pinterest.
  4. Create an email course on a topic (you’ll see) to help women and famlies.
  5. Work with affiliate networks and other bloggers to start making some money!

Be sure to look forward to these things in the future!


This has been a great way to end July, looking back at what I’ve accomplished so far and looking forward to exciting things I will hopefully get to do in the future!

Thank you for reading this blog report!  I hope to post a report in response to this report either next month or at the end of July next year to see just how much has grown from its beginning.  #stayanchoredalways

If you have any suggestions or encouragement, please send it my way!  Comment below or message me privately on social media (links are throughout this post, mainly in the Accomplishments section).



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