23 of My Favorite Things | Plus a Surprise!

In honor of my 23rd birthday that occurred this past weekend, I wanted to spend a blog post letting you readers know a little more about me – 23 of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music sound track) – and share a little about my birthday weekend and a SURPRISE!  Hopefully these things will shine light on my personality, reveal where my thoughts come from when I’m writing other blog posts, and show you some similarities you and I may have that we can connect through!

So here are 23 of my favorite things…

Seriously play the Sound of Music My Favorite Things track of your choice below.  I give you two versions:

#1 Sing your heart out with the original version with words.  Then read my post. 🙂


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23 Favorite Things Plus a Surprise!

23 of My Favorite Things

*in no particular order

#1 Home

Obviously this is important to me.  There is not a more comfortable place than wherever current home is.  I’ve lived in 5 different places in the same city in the last 5 years but each has felt like home for the time I was at each place.  Read more on my Home Time Page.

#2 Abe

My dear husband who is my best friend, constant loving companion, and forever roommate.

#3 Spending Time with Family

Whether it is with Abe’s family who almost all live pretty close, or with my family who live a few hours away, all time spent with family is cherished.  Catching up, reliving old memories, and making new ones are always part of family time.

#4 God’s Sovereignty

Knowing that God is in control of everything that is happening in the world and that happens to His church and that happens to me and my family is undeniably comforting.  I’m deeply grateful for His loving control over the multitude of everything I can’t see.

#5 God’s Love

Piggy backing off of His sovereignty, His love is given every day.  Mainly, it is very clearly seen at the cross and the continued grace shown to give us life each day.  I also see His love in the church, how our brothers and sisters come together and worship Him and speak truth to each other.

#6 Fabric Colors

Seeing all different colors and patterns all in one place just makes my heart happy!  I want to try and figure out what all I can make with each one, all the while knowing that I definitely don’t have that much time to craft.

#7 Escape Rooms

I used to want to be a spy.  Escape rooms let me be a spy for a little less than an hour.  They’re apparently becoming a big thing.  I’ve done 4 different rooms and escaped out of 3 of them.  For my birthday Abe and I did an escape room designed for 2 people and escaped with 28 seconds to spare!

#8 Quiet Car Rides

Whether I’m driving or just sitting watching the scenery, car rides give me time to think, have some quiet time, read, surf the internet on my phone, catch up with friends, and have meaningful conversations with my husband.

#9 Sunsets After a Storm

I was just driving home from meeting my husband at Home Depot and the sunset was beautiful!  It rained a couple of hours ago and there are still dark clouds in the distance, so the sunset seemed to pop!

#10 Tanks & Shorts and Long Sleeve Tshirts & PJ Pants

My go to outfits when I get home from work, depending on the weather.  I live in Texas so the pick is usually a tank and shorts.  And for all weather, my Havaianas.

#11 Web Design

Although I am not a pro, I have a lot of fun while organizing this blog and learning different plugins and codes.  I could literally sit at my computer all day if I could working on this blog or something of the sort.  I remember making a WordPress blog when I was younger and creating a website from scratch using some program my dad had on his computer at home.  My love of creating things using technology started at an early age.

#12 Lesson Creating and Planning

Putting together a fun and educational lesson brings me satisfaction.  I love organizing everything, creating documents if needed, and figuring out experiments to do.  My short time as a classroom teacher was a bit different because of all of the standards required and time restraints.  This is something I am really looking forward to delving into when I start homeschooling my children.

#13 Pinterest

Who doesn’t like Pinterest?  Well, I’ll admit there are times when I don’t like it, for example when I try to look up dining room lights and get all of these fancy pictures of very well put together dining rooms.  I can’t picture a dining room light in my dining room when the picture is spotless and designer decorated, unlike my dining room at the moment.  (That happened at Home Depot earlier.)  But other than that, Pinterest is a place to see pretty things, to learn about anything, to meal plan, and to laugh.  Right now, I particularly like posts about organizing, home life, or blogging.

#14 Friends (especially ones that you can pick up where you left off even after a long time)

Praise God for providing a wholesome good group of friends.  A few from grade school, a few from college, and a few new ones from adult life.  There’s nothing like catching up with those whom you shared life with for a time and nothing like the wish to live in the same town again.  I miss those friends and cherish the time I get with them when life allows.  Hopefully I’m developing more good relationships in my adult life.  I’ll look back in a few years and see which friendships those are.  The friend I’ve been friends with consistently for the longest (since early elementary school) came down to take me to lunch on my birthday this weekend!  Quite a blessing!

#15 Comments on Posts that Let Me Know How Something I Said Impacted People

I teared up the first time someone commented on a post telling me how much my words meant to her.  That made blogging so much worth it.

#16 Snow Cones

Abe and I have a tradition that we get a snow cone every Sunday afternoon from this little snow cone shack a few blocks from our house.  I always get a small snow cone, half and half of two flavors (one is usually strawberry), with light syrup.  Abe has always tried the most random flavors but recently learned his lesson when he picked two very bad flavors – I don’t remember what.  Now I think he’s sticking to his favorites.

#17 Sewing

I started sewing sometime in high school when I took a home economics class.  That inspired me to make my own dress.  (If I can come across a picture of it, I will share.  I think I wore it once.)  Since then, I’ve altered clothing, made baby clothes, and made a bag!

#18 To-Do Lists

I love completing a task and then getting to cross or check it off of a list.  Google Keep, Trello, pen and paper, Google Sheets – those are all the places I keep to-do lists.  I feel accomplished when I look back at what I have completed.  I just read a post about Bullet Journaling and I’d like to try it.  The only thing that hinders me is that I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so I’d probably spend tons of time designing and writing pages that would end up canceling out the productivity that Bullet Journaling apparently helps with.  I have a small journal that I may use to try it out soon and I’ll let y’all know.

#19 Learning

Learning about God through His word, learning how to use Mail Chimp to set up a blog newsletter, learning from mistakes, and learning how to parent from other people’s examples are some things I’ve learned before.  Learning with purpose is important to me.

#20 Traveling

There is nothing like going on an adventure to another city and exploring life there or visiting with friends.  My favorite places I’ve been are Brazil, Colorado during the summer, and Florida for the beaches.  Traveling with friends and traveling alone both have their benefits.  My solo trip to LA was freeing.  I enjoyed doing my own thing and walking around the city, although you gotta be on your guard.  And I have so many good memories from traveling with friends to New York, Colorado, and Marble Falls, TX!

#21 Good Deals

I don’t like spending a lot of money so when I find things for a good deal, much less than they’re really worth, I jump on it if I need it bad enough.  We have a Goodwill fairly close to our house that we frequent to see what we can find for our home while we decorate and renovate it.  Things under $10 and $5 are on my radar!

#22 Music

 I used to play the piano, clarinet, and guitar but haven’t had time – or made the time – to sit down and play in a long time.  I miss it but thankfully we have music tracks and phones with audio capabilites to still listen to music!  My favorite musical is Les Mis and could listen to that soundtrack over and over if I could.  Hymns are also meaningful to me – not the modern versions with electric guitars and such but the more traditional sounding versions.  Gotta love a good piano instrumental too.

#23 Babies

As I’m pregnant, my baby-detector has been increasingly tuned to babies.  I remember even before we got married, when I was on a trip with a few friends, I seemed to have whatever we called baby fever!  The beginning of life with breath is amazing to watch and interact with.  I’m looking forward to having my little…




…BOY in 12 to 14 weeks!!  SURPRISE!  We are having a BOY!!

It's A Boy!

I am blessed to get to carry and hopefully safely bring our boy into the world.  Abe and I both wanted a boy and are looking forward to teaching him, watching him grow, and playing with him!

So be looking for baby boy posts in the winter!


So what do we have in common?!  Comment below!

If you have posted about or are going to post about your favorite things, tag me or send me the link and I’d love to learn more about you!  I challenge you to think of at least 23 of your favorite things.

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