My Reasons to Homeschool

As a previous public school teacher and Master of Science in Education student, I am not an obvious candidate to homeschool my children.

I’ve been questioned in the educational environment, had conversations with friends who didn’t have good experiences with homeschooling, and even wrote a research paper and presented about homeschooling versus public schooling.

There are some interesting statistics.

All in all, each of the many types of schooling have pros and cons.  And most importantly, there is a type of schooling that works best for each family, regardless of what type that may be.

These are my reasons for why I would like to homeschool my children.  You may have some similar reasons to homeschool or even have one of my reasons as a reason to do public or private schooling.  I’m not saying this is universally correct; these are just my personal reasons, no judgement on non-homeschoolers or homeschoolers.


My 10 Reasons to Homeschool

1. I’ll know exactly what my children are learning.

2. Truth of worldviews and Jesus will be interwoven into teaching and discussed.

3. Homeschooling would (theoretically) be cheaper than private schooling.

4. I’d like to use my teaching degree while being a SAHM.

5. I love organizing and lesson planning so I’d get to do that in an environment that I’d love.

6. Social needs would hopefully be met through church, family (we have a huge extended family), and other homeschoolers.

7. I know I won’t be a perfect teacher so I would learn from what works and what doesn’t work.

8. Instruction would be individualized to each of my children to help them learn most effectively.

9. My husband and I would learn a lot through having to teach our children.

10. I would get to know my children more, learning how they think, what they’re good at, and what they’re most passionate about.

There’s a good 10 reasons!

As I’ve been looking more into homeschooling, I’ve just become more excited and passionate about that chapter of life I’m looking forward to, God willing.

I’m only pregnant with our first one, so it will be a few years until school age, but even teaching during the toddler years will be exciting and require planning and implementing fun lessons!

Every moment is a teaching moment whether it be teaching knowledge or teaching by example.

What were your reasons to homeschool?  What are reasons not to homeschool?  Share my reasons below on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook (below) and then share your reasons either by commenting here or on social media! 

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