A Morning Routine of a Productive Day at Home (Without Kids)

I’ve had this week off of work so I’ve had a few days by myself at home, getting excited about how this it is going to be staying at home when our baby is born in the fall!  My list of to-dos has been long, basically consisting of cleaning the house and running a few errands in prep for next week, another full week of work.  Thankfully, the last two days have been pretty productive, mostly thanks to my morning routine.

This morning, I realized how much my morning routine changes my energy level and productivity for the day.  Before I started the routine, I was super tired and didn’t know how I was going to survive the morning without a nap.

My baby isn’t born yet, so this routine is for the days I am off work at home by myself or on the weekends.  I will post another post about the morning routine of a productive day with kids, or a kid, when I have some more knowledge of that.  It may look similar or incredibly different.


A Good Full Healthy Breakfast

Usually, when I’m working full-time, this is a rarity.  But since I’ve been at home this week, I’ve had more motivation and time to make Abe a good breakfast.  He loves breakfast food while I’d be totally content with a mere bowl of cereal.  Today, I whipped up some French toast and bacon while he cooked some eggs.  These filled him up for his day of laborious work and filled me up for my day of household work.  Hopefully these mornings can be frequent once I’m staying at home.

Bible Reading

We are committed to studying God’s word in our home.  This usually happens for us in the morning.  My early pregnancy sickness kind of messed with our Bible studying schedule but we are slowly now getting back to our normal routine.  We go through this plan where we read a part of the old testament and a little of the new, going through the whole Bible throughout the year.

We have kinda fallen behind so I’ve been reading multiple chapters during the last few days.  This morning I was finally caught up.  I actually liked being behind so I could read more at a time and get more of a feel of what was being said in a big picture!  This morning I was in 2 Chronicles and Acts.  Saul’s conversion and the bold way he preaches despite his past can only be explained by a gracious and present God!  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving boldness and words.


Usually, after reading the sections of the Bible on our plan, Abe and I pray together.  This morning, since he was already at work, I prayed by myself.  Having intentional time to pray out loud to the Lord makes me more aware of what exactly I am praying and it is a humbled time to present adoration and requests to God.  I acknowledge that Jesus is who He says He is (the Son of God and Savior of His people), that I am a sinner saved by His grace, and that God is sovereign.  Any requests that are made follow these truths so I entrust my requests to His guidance and sovereignty.  I pray for Abe, for our little one, for our family, for the country, for people in my life, among other things.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:4-7

I’m thankful for the peace of God that guards my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Change Clothes

My temptation is to stay in my PJs all day.  But then if I give in, any time I sit down, all I want to do is sleep!  Putting on comfy clothes (while pregnant this means a t-shirt or a tank that is baggy and some loose shorts) makes me feel more awake and ready for the day.  And don’t forget the deodorant!

Fix Hair Up and Out of Face

I cannot work around the house, getting in the floor to vacuum behind furniture or washing dishes, when my long hair is in my face and shedding everywhere.  I love pulling my hair up as high as it will go, without hurting my head, and putting it in a bun.  This reminds me of that girl in the Series of Unfortunate Events books who had to put her hair up to think.  Pull those curly, long, straight, thick, short, and thin pieces of hair up and outta your face while you work!

Brush Teeth

Minty fresh!  Peppermint smell and peppermint taste supposedly chemically make you more awake and aware.  That’s why teachers sometimes give students peppermints during big tests.  This can even apply on a regular day at home!  I was even more awake after brushing my teeth this morning.  Even if you don’t have to be around people all day if you’re working at home by yourself, make feeling alert and ready to go an excuse for still brushing your teeth.

I don’t put make up on unless I’m going somewhere but if putting make up on wakes you up and makes you feel even more ready for the day, go for it!

You’re ready, you’re set, now go!

Once I stepped out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth (and peeing – pregnancy for the win) I started on my to-do list!

Do you have anything else that you have in your morning routine of a productive day?  Comment below and share your tips!

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