Don’t Forget! 7 Things to Have Outside in the Hot Summer While Pregnant

Abe and I are visiting my parents this fourth of July weekend.  They just moved to a smaller town and have a small piece of land that they built a house on.  Yesterday, we spent the day at the house chillin, swimming at the neighborhood pool, playing The Game of Life, taking pictures around their neighborhood for my blog (gotta get those original stock photos), and watching a movie.  Today we ventured into town to eat lunch and walk around the shops downtown.  It is a hot summer day in Texas and I’m pregnant so that makes it a little bit more uncomfortable apparently.  On our venture, I forgot a couple of things that you should remember to have while outside when you’re pregnant.  So I share in hopes you won’t forget these things the next time you go outside when it is HOT!

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1. Sunscreen

I just realized I forgot this necessity when I looked down at my red legs.  I then noticed I have red shoulders too.  We weren’t outside for very long and I was trying to stay in shade, but still managed to get sunburned.

Even if you are going to be in shade or inside, you never know when you will have to park a few blocks from the restaurant or have to sit in the sun because there is no space in the shade.  Even if you find shade but under a tree with splotches of sun coming through, you could still get burnt like I did.

Maybe a good option would be to carry a small tube of sunscreen in your purse to apply when needed – this stuff is great!  I didn’t want to take a purse so I just had stuff in my pockets (of these great red, elastic shorts that I found at Old Navy – post about how to cheaply have a maternity wardrobe coming soon).  A purse with sunscreen with these things would have been better than sunburnt skin!  Although carrying nothing was nice.

2. Water

Thankfully we sat down at the restaurant before I needed something to drink, so I had enough water throughout lunch and for the walk outside.  But you can’t forget water!

Staying hydrated helps your skin to stay soft and stretchy for your growing belly.  I’ve heard staying hydrated helps prevent stretch marks. (Do not take any of this for medical advice please.)  Also, sometimes when you are feeling hungry, you may just be dehydrated.  Staying hydrated with water is especially important in the summer to prevent heat exhaustion symptoms.  I have found these to be much worse while pregnant and sickening feelings hit much faster.

3. Crackers (or another small snack)

Thankfully I am out of the first trimester so I don’t get nauseously sick when I get hungry any more.  My morning sickness used to last all day, occurring when I had the slightest bit of hunger.  I had to constantly have a snack with me to curb that symptom.

Recently, the sickening feeling hasn’t been an issue when hungry.  So today I waited a bit longer between breakfast and lunch.  We sat down for lunch at a restaurant that makes everything fresh and “made to order” so the wait to get food was more than usual at a restaurant.  While waiting for the food, I began to get really tired and a little light headed.  Those hunger symptoms were starting again, just at a slower rate thankfully.  My mom so graciously asked a hostess for some crackers.  Usually I have them in my purse.  But that doesn’t help when I don’t have my purse.  Lesson learned.  🙂

4. Bug Spray

(revised 7/5/16) I just had to add this one in because my husband asked if I added this to the list!  I didn’t use bug spray that day, so I forgot it doubly.

Especially now that the Zika virus is a scare (the hype may or may not be accurate) and the warm weather in the summer, particularly at night, brings out mosquitoes, it is a good idea to use bug spray as a precaution.  My doctor said that Deet is okay to have in the bug spray, but ask your doctor to make sure it is okay for you.

5. Access to restrooms.

This last week, I have begun to experience the “you feel like you need to pee all the time” symptom of pregnancy.  I went to pee just before we left the restaurant, went on a short walk, and had to pee about 15 minutes later.

Make a mental note when you pass a restroom just in case you get somewhere down the street a ways and the urgency feeling hits.  I noticed there was a restroom building by the sidewalk we were walking on at the riverside.  It got used today.

The worst thing that could happen (exaggerating) would be searching for a restroom when you have an emergency urge that hits quickly!  Know where restrooms are!

6. Comfy walking shoes

My Havaianas flip-flops are on my feet anytime I’m not at work (where flip-flops are not allowed).  They are very comfy shoes, however sometimes when I walk a lot without stopping, my tendons on the top of my feet hurt because of the repeated pressure of the straps.  We didn’t do too much walking today so it didn’t get to that point.

Shoes with enough support and comfort are important during pregnancy to project your joints and back.  Your standing stance and walking pattern are affected by your shoes.  This affects your back too, adding to the increased pressure and strain of having a growing baby in your abdomen. (Again, this is not medical advice, just things I have learned.)

Leave the high heels and no-support shoes at home, no matter how hard it is for you.  Find some good flip-flops or tennis shoes.  Check out Havaianas!  (I am not being compensated for mentioning Havaianas or giving a recommendation or review.  Maybe in the future!  Hey, Havaianas. 🙂 )

7. Shade

Because I forgot sunscreen today, shade saved me from getting overheated.   What if you’re going somewhere with no natural shade from trees or buildings?  You’d think you can’t bring shade with you, but an umbrella or a hat with a visor or large rim would provide shade!  If you forget something like that, which I did today, you should watch down the road to notice where shade is, walking in the shade, and try to be inside in air-conditioning as much as possible.

Find some shade, walk around in the sun a little, drink water, don’t forget these other things, and enjoy the summer!

What can you not leave the house without while pregnant in the summer? Comment below and help your sisters out!

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