What Anchored At Home Is All About

Our families, homes, marriages, work, society – everything in this life – was created by God and exists for and through Christ (1 Corinthians 8:6; Colossians 1:15-17). It is evident through history and scripture. We all need to be reminded of that truth, especially as women in our various roles. Anchored At Home seeks to exhort you to keep the focus of your eyes (mind, heart) off yourself and on Jesus, as you recognize who you are and who He is and what He has done and is doing, while you live in the specific roles of wife, mother, and homemaker, whether you stay at home or not. We are advocating for women to nurture their family and home in light of the gospel.

Many things in the Western culture nowadays beg for our attention to focus everywhere but on the gospel while we tend to our family and home. It’s been like that from the beginning of creation. As a contrast, Anchored At Home is a resource for women who want to cultivate their family and home in light of the gospel, equipping them with the Truth on the blog, beneficial tools, and resources for bloggers and small business owners. May you be encouraged and spurred on towards godliness and Truth found only in Christ.

What We Have For You

The Truth: We all need to be reminded of what the bible says about God, about Jesus, and about us so we can better nurture our family and home in light of the gospel. We call out lies that we are prone to believe and share truth. Be encouraged with the Truth on the blog.

Beneficial Tools: To help with your bible study, homemaking, and parenting, we've created some tools, written helpful information, and compiled a list of some great resources already out there. Feel free to peruse our tool kit.

For Bloggers and Small Business Owners: Your blog or your business is a way to spread Truth to those you come in contact with. We have some encouragement, tools, and services for you as you build your business AND nurture your family, both in light of the gospel.